The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, the time-bending puzzle-platformer from devs The Odd Gentlemen, is set for release on Xbox Live Arcade next year. It’s been on the receiving end of many admiring glances here at TVGB, so we thought a chat with The Odd Gentlemen themselves was well overdue. Read on for the thoughts of Matt Korba (Creative Director, Lead Designer, President) and Paul Bellezza (CEO, Producer, Diet Coke Fetcher) on the indie scene, why they’ll never make an FPS and, inevitably, pies.

That VideoGame Blog (TVGB): Winterbottom began as a student thesis. It then became a fully-fledged indie game, and it now has the support of one of the bigger publishing houses. How much has the game changed over that time?

Matt Korba: Well, the core has very much remained the same. We have smoothed out and refined the mechanics from the student game to make them as clear and fun as possible and added some new time tricks. We basically took a short demo of a game and expanded it to a full game’s worth of content, complete with a narrative, leader boards, achievements, the whole nine. The art has gotten a huge update as is apparent from looking at the screenshots side by side. The tech has also dramatically changed. Unfortunately, there is no magic button to take a flash game to the Xbox. We had to build our tools and engine entirely from scratch to make Winterbottom possible.

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