November 7, 2010, 11:42 pm
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Back in November, I attended the annual EA Winter Showcase – a big, shiny expo for the biggest of the giant publisher’s upcoming titles.

Like a mini-E3 just for EA stuff, the showcase offered time with a load of exciting new games, as well as some not-so-exciting ones. But we’ll graciously avoid discussing them (*cough* Rango “cough*).

Off the back of the whole shindig I did a few previews and rather than put them in separate posts, I’m collating them all here. Links and preview excerpts for Bulletstorm, Dead Space 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam, Battlefield Play4Free, Crysis 2 and Fight Night Champion can be found after the jump.


“Who knew that shooting bad guys up the bumhole was exactly what the FPS genre needed? Other than People Can Fly, I’m not sure. As the rest of the industry scrambles to follow in the dusty combat boots of Call of Duty, the Poland-based developers have been plotting an altogether different route. Seemingly inconsequential when announced at E3 2009, the results have been wowing preview audiences ever since.”


“Part of the dreadful joy of Dead Space was the constant sense of vulnerable solitude. Wandering the organic metal halls of the USG Ishimura, much of the atmosphere was built around shadows, metallic groans and the things you didn’t see. You never knew where the next twisted abomination was going to spring from.

“Forgive me then for going into my hands-on with Dead Space 2’s multiplayer a little sceptical. Up close and personal four versus four running battles just don’t seem in keeping with the original’s charms.”


“My hands-on was with a horrifically beautiful map called Hill 37. Throwing you into a recently napalmed Vietcong encampment, it’s alive with fire. The ground itself smolders and trees and huts are ablaze across the skyline. Riddled with makeshift tunnels it also forces you beneath ground for close quarters combat.”


“A crumbling city ripped apart by an Alien invasion? We’ve been here before. In the hands of a less proficient developer you could be forgiven for mistaking Crysis 2’s over-familiar setting for a lack of creative ambition. But this is Crytek we’re talking about. If nothing else you know it’s going to be damn pretty.”


“From De Niro spitting monochrome blood all over the canvas in Raging Bull, to the Italian Stallion drawling a victorious ‘Adriannnnn!’ in Rocky – boxing has thrown up plenty of classic cinematic moments. The movies know exactly how to draw on the metaphorical possibilities of the sport.”


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