October 22, 2010, 10:49 am
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Back in August I visited Cologne, for Gamescom 2010. The first big trade show I’ve ever attended, Gamescom was a blur of appointments, ad-hoc interviews, amazing games and lovely people. It was both a massive priviledge and utterly exhausting.

But the real work didn’t start until I got home. I had to write about it all. By the time I was finished I had knocked out 22 previews, 4 big interviews and a whole bunch of news stories. In total it all came to around 30,000 words.

So, because Collect is for collecting, it’s all going up here. But rather do individual posts for each article, I’m consolidating them. Below you’ll find links to all the previews I wrote for, along with some flavoursome snippets.

I’ve put the Gaming Union previews and interviews up separately.


“It began with the image of a child’s crayon scrawl stuck to the blistering walls of a makeshift, sun-speckled shelter. By the end we’d seen an army of Koreans lay screaming in a squall of phosphorous, a missile-spewing drone lay waste to its surroundings, and a dizzying cacophony of explosions, death and destruction.”

Bioshock Infinite

“As the lights lifted following our demo, there was silence. Usually, the end of a demonstration gives way to chatter, questions and developer proclamations. Not so with BioShock: Infinite. Instead, the congregation sat, speechless. Dumbfound. And that’s not hyperbole. When Irrational release the footage, you’ll see for yourself. 2012 seems like a long, long way away.”

Spec Ops: The Line

“It’s all very well to pay lip-service to narrative and mechanical maturity, but when your characters are dumb macho jocks, you risk undermining the message.”


“Kuni rides along on the wolf’s back, nattering away as he goes, offering tips and hints and the odd chucklesome, fourth-wall breaking quip. While Kuninushi was present during the entirety of our demo, the finished game promises a number of different partners. We hope they’re all as charming.”

Red Faction: Armageddon

“Whereas Guerrilla was all about the dusty, open-world of Mars’ surface, Armageddon returns to Red Faction 1’s underground setting. By doing so, this fourth entry in the series promises to offer a far more focused, linear experience than its occasionally aimless predecessor.”

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[…] put the Gaming Union previews and the previews […]


[…] put the Gaming Union interviews and the previews up […]


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