Back in August I visited Cologne, for Gamescom 2010. The first big trade show I’ve ever attended, Gamescom was a blur of appointments, ad-hoc interviews, amazing games and lovely people. It was both a massive priviledge and utterly exhausting.

But the real work didn’t start until I got home. I had to write about it all. By the time I was finished I had knocked out 22 previews, 4 big interviews and a whole bunch of news stories. In total it all came to around 30,000 words.

So, because Collect is for collecting, it’s all going up here. But rather do individual posts for each article, I’m consolidating them. Below you’ll find links to all the interviews I conducted for Gaming Union, along with some flavoursome snippets.

I’ve put the Gaming Union previews and the previews up separately.

Fallout: New Vegas

Josh Sawyer: “One, ignore some people. I mean flat out, there are people that are reasonable and people who are unreasonable.”

Marvel vs Capcom 3

Seth Killian: “Do you want him thrown out of here? He’s done in this business!”

Bioshock Infinite

Timothy Gerritsen: “They took scientific approaches to popularise racism.”

Dead Space 2

Steve Papoutsis: “As far as going away from horror, that is absolutely not what we want to do. We wouldn’t want to do that.”


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[…] put the Gaming Union previews and interviews […]

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[…] put the Gaming Union interviews and the previews up […]


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