August 9, 2010, 7:27 pm
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Christmas came early last week, as Microsoft held their annual ‘Xmas’ showcase in London’s stunning Saatchi Gallery. Organised to highlight the company’s Chrimbo line-up, it was a tech nerd’s dream of gadgets, mobiles, operating systems and peripherals. But among the stacks of sexy gizmos one particular Microsoft product took centre stage; Kinect.

Dominating an entire room of its own, the Kinect section of the venue was a dizzying whirl of flailing limbs and hopping, skipping, giggling journos. With Kinect: Adventures, Kinect: Sports and Kinect: Joy Ride, all the first-party launch titles were present and playable, the only exception being the MS/Frontier cuddle-em-up, Kinectimals. We left our inhibitions at the door and joined the madness.

Despite the widespread grins on everybody’s faces, it was with a certain amount of scepticism that we approached the demo area. Earlier in the day Dance Central had managed to scupper some of our initial reservations, but it had also raised a few questions of its own. Harmonix’s Kinect debut brilliantly obscures the technology’s limitations, but issues are still noticeable. With that in mind we were keen to see how Adventures, Sports and Joy Ride stacked up.

(Read more at Play.TM)

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