August 9, 2010, 7:13 pm
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“More than half the people that played Fable II understood and used less than half the features in the game. As soon as you see that you think, ‘Oh my God, what a talentless bastard I really am’.”

If one quote informs the entire development of Fable III, then it is surely this one, from the game’s Creative Director Peter Molyneux. Both inspired and horrified by the statistical revelations of Microsoft’s research department, with Fable III Molyneux has taken the opportunity to streamline, redesign or completely abandon vast swathes of its predecessor’s features, while attempting to retain much of the series’ charm.

In doing so, the world of Albion prepares to fling open its portcullis this October without a health-bar, a menu system or the experience point orbs that have been a Fable mainstay for the past seven years. In a climate where every conceivable genre is falling over itself to add RPG elements, Fable moves bravely in the opposite direction.

You could never accuse Molyneux of lacking the courage of his convictions.

Yet really it should come as no surprise. Molyneux has been banging the drum for increased accessibility in games for years now. In doing so he has slowly shifted the focus of his quintessentially British series away from role-playing adventure towards a purer form of action-adventure.

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