August 9, 2010, 7:20 pm
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It was inevitable, really. Following the runaway commercial success of Ubisoft’s Just Dance, the market was bound to be flooded by cheap gimmicky imitations. And let’s face it, Just Dance was pretty cheap and gimmicky to start with. By Christmas we’ll be drowning in them.

Dance Central, however, is different. It’s a fantastically entertaining evolution of the Guitar Hero blueprint Harmonix laid down all those years ago. Brilliantly exploiting the technological prowess of Kinect, it’s also the first full-body, controller-free dancing game. It may yet prove to be Kinect’s killer app.

The initial thing that impresses about Dance Central is the ease of navigation. Thanks to Kinect, it’s wonderful. To cycle through the options all you have to do is raise or lower your hand, while making a selection merely demands that you swipe to your left. To undo a mistake you just swoosh it back to the right. It’s as intuitive as it is elegant.

(Read more at Play.TM)

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