August 9, 2010, 7:06 pm
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I’m falling.

I had been making my way up the face of a high-rise, carefully negotiating my way from ledge to windowsill in search of the neon orb perched at the top of the structure. But as I made my penultimate jump, reaching out to the window frame just a few short inches from the roof, my fingers failed to find purchase. So now I’m falling, seven stories, straight down. Funny, it really looked like a surface I could hold on to.

You should get used to this sinking feeling.

A decade on from the events of Crackdown and Pacific City is in ruins. The familiar landmarks remain, but they have crumbled in the face of wide-spread anarchy. By day, militant rebels the Cell fight running battles with police across the city, aided by armoured cars, heavily defended strongholds and Gatling gun encrusted trucks. By night, however, the mutated light-sensitive Freaks shamble out from their subterranean lairs, taking to the streets by their thousands. It’s an entirely unwelcoming place.

Stuck in the middle of all this is you, a genetically engineered Agency super-cop referred to only as “The Agent.” The storyline, such as it is, centres around “Project Sunburst,” a mission to destroy the Freaks and bring order back to the streets of Pacific City.

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