August 9, 2010, 8:22 pm
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With just a few short weeks to go before Halo: Reach hits shelves, Bungie are gearing up to wave goodbye to the series they toiled over for the best part of a decade. They plan on going out in style. We sat down with Bungie’s Community Director Brian Jarrard, and Campaign Designer Niles Sankey in a roundtable interview to find out how they are feeling, what to expect from Reach, and future downloadable content.

You guys have been working on this franchise for a long long time, and this is obviously your swan song – what’s the overriding emotion? Sadness, relief? Its a big thing to carry on your shoulders…

Niles Sankey: I’d say bittersweet, it’s an easy answer but it’s actually true. Obviously it’s really sweet to see the response of fans, and we’re really excited right now to release the game to the public, and just see how they react to everything.

The customization for example – what will they come up with? What are they going to build in Forge? What game modes will they invent? But on the other hand we’re sad to part ways with Halo and hand off the series, but we’re also excited to be moving on to other things.

Campaign wise, how much were you affected by Halo: ODST? A lot of people liked the in-depth emotional single-player experience. Will we be seeing more of that?

Niles Sankey: Yeah, I mean to a extent. Obviously ODST was a different story, and a different way of telling a story as you had a squad of ODSTs that tell the story, and inReach it’s fairly similar – you have a squad of Spartans. The way you play the game is more like Halo’s 1 to 3, to say it’s more of a linear progression of missions but certainly with Noble team we could tell more grounded story, get the story of Noble team during the fall of Reach and the loss and tragedy that they feel.

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