July 20, 2009, 10:05 pm
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I’m in USA Today!

Well, not actually USA Today, but their Game Hunters blog.

Also, technically speaking, I’m not in it, Dan Hsu and Demian Linn are.

But something I wrote is!

Hmm, that’s not true either. It’s just a link to something I wrote.


When I told my Mum the news (omitting the above caveats), she was very proud. Never mind that she had never heard of USA Today, the very title of the publication suggests mainstream success. In her eyes, I have arrived. Bless her.

The truth is that ‘The Highest Arcade in the World,’ a story I wrote right here on Collect a few months back (then submitted to BitMob) was selected as one of Dan Hsu and Demian Linn’s favourite BitMob community posts.

No, I’m lying again. It was used as an example of a successful community post. Sheesh!

In the interview with Game Hunter’s Mike Snider, Hsu and Linn said:

Lee Bradley’s story about playing videogames in a young boy’s high-altitude, makeshift arcade in Darjeeling, India is absolutely fascinating and extremely well-written.

Yup, the least believable bit of this entire story is actually the true part: somebody said I wrote something well. I don’t think anyone’s said that since the legendary ‘What I Did on My Summer Holidays’ essay of 1989. That was a damn good essay though, the Natural History Museum rocked.

I’m done gloating.

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