So ‘The Highest Arcade in the World‘ has picked up a bit of attention. First Bitmob featured it on their front page, and then Kotaku, Destructoid and (most pleasingly) GameSetWatch linked it up. In a previous post I said something along the lines of ‘links from big sites don’t excite me like they used to’. That’s true of the news stories I write, but for something so personal and off-beat? Crazy.

What’s more, according to Demian Linn (Bitmob editor), somebody is offering to send arcade boy a Dreamcast and a box of games to add to his collection! Unfortunately, he didn’t notice that I was in Darjeeling 10 years ago, so the arcade and the boy (now a man) may no longer be around. When I passed this information on, the mystery benefactor said that if the arcade does still exist, he’s more than willing to send the stuff across. What a nice gesture!

So now I find myself on a hunt to track down somebody I played at Street Fighter Alpha 3, 10 years ago, half way up a mountain range in India!

Despite the ludicrous sounding nature of my task, I have my journalist’s hat on and I will not be deterred. The miracle of Google Maps has already offered up the name of the hotel I stayed in all those years ago and I’ve shot the management an email for info. Darjeeling is only a small place, so it isn’t too outrageous to think somebody may remember ‘the highest arcade in the world’. Who knows, maybe it is still there.

I’ll keep you posted on any developments.

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